15 - 31 October 2009

Curated by Tai Snaith

Belle Bassin, Sally Blenheim, Tim Fleming, Ghostpatrol, Rory Hyde, Kotoe Ishii, Rowan Mcnaught, Dylan Martorell, Scott Mitchell, JT Mallory, Annie Wu + Tai Snaith

The exhibition will transform Blindside into a useable living room, a ‘total work of art’. 


The Living Room (open for inspection) invites 12 artists and designers to contemplate not only what a living room might consist of but what it means and evokes as metaphor or symbol of life itself.

Beyond shelter, warmth and basic protection what is it that we really need in a room? Is it a reflection of our beliefs? A collection of our fears harbored towards the outside world? A document of our personalities, tastes and talents or even a place of receiving homeopathic therapy?

These days’ ordinary folk are considering entirely self-sufficient and sustainable lifestyles. At the same time, other people are putting themselves in debt to purchase large screen TVs. We find ourselves asking; Is it worth it? Is it realistic? This exhibition asks if it is really possible to hand-make all of the things in our lives, giving them meaning and purpose and proposes elements of what that might look like.

For this exhibition we see a group of practitioners with an advanced understanding of space and the way that humans can use it laterally, combined with a well-tuned knowledge of desire for the object and it’s placement. The result is a ‘total work of art’ that comfortably places awkwardness alongside ornament to communicate a greater spiritual, personal and political meaning of The Living Room.



The Living Room is a place of comfort and safety. A private space, shared only with family and close friends, decorated with your own things. In your living room, you are in control, insulated from the threats of the world that lie beyond the front door.

But every day we voluntarily let this beast in. The newspaper, associated for so long with the simple pleasures of taking your time, drinking coffee and sitting peacefully in the sun, is in fact a Trojan Horse filled with the reality of the outside world. This seemingly innocuous package of folded paper, thrown on our doorstep every morning, is filled with stories that threaten the very viability of the living room itself.

Instead of avoiding it, we should embrace it. Revel in the imminent apocalypse brought upon by global warming, pandemic flu or computer virus. To help you into this mindset, please take your complimentary copy of the only newspaper exclusively dedicated to threats to society. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Rory Hyde and Annie Wu



Support Beams is a video presented in a piece of custom-built intermediate furniture – a piece of upholstered wood perched atop a television. In an optimistically hamstrung way, it functions as a type of improvised transitional object, a bricoleur’s icon of homeliness. However, while the thing is recognisably furniture-like, it would reject any actual use. A coffee cup would spoil the upholstery. As an ottoman it would tip and break. What’s more, the television, held to be spiritually injurious & an aberration to the charm of one’s home, is hidden poorly.

The video depicts domestic objects moving about one another – a water tank spits alarm systems into a pot, a pile of clothing continually eats itself. The video traces imaginary connections between cultural approaches to home building. Created using computer imaging and video software with a contrary emphasis on the ad-hoc and handmade, *Support beams* illustrates the possibility of immaterial home improvement through technological bricolage.

Rowan Mcnaught



Light in a box, captured in wood, the power of the sun harnessed and hidden in your household. The power of a god, a god amongst insects. The atlas village is the primary producer and lead exporter in a range of sun captured devices.  The twin galaxy globes protect the household from the powerful radiation within. gpd2.



Kotoe Ishii often works with video art and sound, using her body as her material. Often her performances in her video works are expressing expulsion and discovery of emotions that have been repressed within her body. Her work challenges traditional notions of femininity and decorum – replacing them with a physical investigation into identity and embodiment. In this work Ishii isolates the sound of her voice and hides it inside a domestic, hand-crocheted rug. For Kotoe, the idea of Home is ‘warm with complicated tension’. The sound of her voice is cheeky and inviting, but still a little odd and unnerving, making the homely space slightly surreal and uncomfortable.



Someone once told me that the key to understanding consciousness was in divine geometry: that the Earth was complicated because there were so many different alien races that seeded what we now understand as Earthlings and that it was more like a reality T.V. show for the rest of the galaxy to have a laugh.  Nevertheless, the earth plane was integrated and while our spirits reside here we would all transcend each level of consciousness together. Whenever you go to a new planet, if you want to know what level of consciousness they are up to you simply have to grab one of the little critters and measure them.  Then from their proportions you can work out the appropriate drawing, the appropriate grid and this drawing will tell you what level of consciousness they are on.

Belle Bassin



“Audio waves aren’t as effective as plasma or radio frequency radiations, but they *do *work. Combining this *sound therapy* with *light therapy* will enhance it’s performance. The volume of the tones do not have to be loud; just enough to hear it. The number(s) you see next to the condition is the frequency number you should set on the generator.

*Actinobacillus *(potentially pathogenic bacteria normally found in mammals):  773
*Adnexitis* (swelling of the ovaries or Fallopian tubes): 440, 441, 522, 572, 3343, 3833, 5312
*AIDS*:  1.2, 1550, 1500
*Aspergillus flavus* (mold found on corn, peanuts, and grain that produces aflatoxin): 1823
*Bilirubin* (a bile pigment that may result in jaundice in high concentrations): 717, 726, 731, 863
*Chlamydia *(a sexually-transmitted bacterial infection): 430, 620, 624, 840, 2213
*Cholera* (an extremely contagious and serious bacterial infection of the small intestines): 330, 843, 844, 103
*Ear wax:* 311, 320, 750, 984
*Echinococcinum (*homeopathic remedy for tapeworms found in dogs, wolves, cats, & rodents that can infect man): 164, 453, 542, 623
*Echo virus *(causes a type of meningitis): 620
*Hair, human:* 646
*Hemorrhoid:* 447
*Mange, follicular *(contagious dermatitis found in many animals that is caused by mites and in which the principle activity is at the hair follicles): 253, 693
*Parrot Fever* (or Ornithosis or Psittacosis; an infectious pneumonia transmitted by certain birds): 331, 583, 1217
*Polio* (or poliomyelitis): 742, 1500, 2632
*Polyp, uterine*: 689
*Rocky Mountain spotted fever*: 375, 862, 943
*Tropicalis:* 1403
*Zygomycosis* (also called mucormycosis; a serious fungal infection usually associated with uncontrolled diabetes mellitus or immunosuppressive drugs): 942

Dylan Martorell



P2PFM is a peer to peer network of mini-FM transmitters installed in the Nicholas Building – each transmitter is connected to the stereo of someone who works in the building. The transmitters will broadcast (narrow-cast) whatever is played through the stereo, turning the private listening habits of the various participants into a (limited) public performance – anyone within range of this broadcast (a radius of about 2 or 3 studios/floors) will be able to tune in and listen to what is being played. If the person tuning in also has a mini-FM transmitter installed then this content will be re-broadcast, extending the range of the original transmission – popular transmissions may be propagated throughout the FM network.

If you work in the Nicholas building then you can join in by tuning into these transmissions, or even better, become a broadcaster. A limited number of mini-FM transmitters and antennas will be available from Blindside – contact the me via to arrange for installation. For more information go to

Scott Mitchell



This metaphysical “living” room uses the tent as a metaphor for the human mind. The installation of flora contained within aims to represent the unexplored consciousnesses of the human mind and the relationship this has with nature.

The piece works as a kind of social commentary of the role natural flora played in shaping early consciousnesses via the predo-human diet and alludes to it’s later suppression and illegalization by government & religious agencies.

The central figure represents the Axis Mundi or rabbinical Jacob’s Ladder, which themselves are figurative symbols of the pineal gland that is located at the epicenter of the human brain.

J.T. de Mallory



In Japan split curtains called ‘Noren’ are hung over doorways and entrances and used to divide a space both visually and metaphorically, marking the threshold of one space to the next. Usually they are hand painted and decorated with images traditionally relevant to the family or history of the people inhabiting the space. In western culture we use doormats and clocks to denote a threshold to a domestic space and division of time. Here, the Noren depicts two theories of human existence. One side depicts Maslow’s famous ‘hiearchy of needs’ and the other side represents my interpretation of universal ontological needs, or the science of being and needing a number of things simultaneously. The doormat advertises the first year my ancestors entered this country and the clock is set to my favourite non-time; party time.

Tai Snaith


(39 OF) 99 REASONS (the furniture).

1.More than the some of it’s parts. 2. It’s for a lifetime. 3. Expandable. 4.Table. 5. Chair. 6. Eye puzzling. 7.Mind boggling. 8. Storage Hole. 9.Better than Two Wheels. 10.Right Hand Version. 11.Left Hand Version. 12. No Moving parts. 13.Pet shelter. 14.Push up stool. 15.Door stopper. 16.Car stopper. 17. Put on casters “it will roll.   18. NO ROCKIN. 19. Unbreakable. 20. Two singles make a double. 21. Two doubles make a Quadraplex. 22. Two quadraplex makes a boardroom. 23. Heavy Duty. 24. Yet weighable. 25. Floats like an iceberg. 26. Step-in design. 27. Imponderable. 28. Off tangent. 29. Will smolder for hours. 30. Paper weight. 31. Something to hang onto. 32. Bookends. 33. On the money. 34. Decision making tool. 35. Witty. 36. Children’s Cubby. 37. Sculptural Qualities. 38. First made in the 9th year of this century. 39. Excellent base for games of chance. 40. This many reasons is also a reason.

Tim Fleming