28 January - 14 February 2015

Curated by Nicholas Chilvers

Opening Night | Thursday January 6-8pm

Group Therapy with Inez De Vega | Friday 30 January 1-4pm, Friday 6 February 1-4pm & Friday 13 February 10am-1pm

Art Workshop for Dancers with Katie Lee | Saturday 14 February, 12 - 4pm

Hanna Chetwin, Nicholas Chilvers, Georgina Criddle, Blake Fox,  Georgie Glanville, Jet Harcourt,  Katie Lee, Melissa Matveyeff, Charles O’Loughlin,  Ander Rennick, Kieren Seymour, Bianca Tainsh, Benjamin Woods + Inez de Vega

THE SWEET LIFE  involves casual gestures and performances, situated among impromptu, makeshift artworks and assemblages. This project articulates human subjectivity as points of connection, shared and exchanged between people in the gallery context.

Benjamin Woods will introduce sculptural works throughout the exhibition and
Gerogina Criddle with milliner Sarina Lindeman has made several hats that will make intermittent appearances in the gallery and around Melbourne.

Inez De Vega conducts Group Thearapy at BLINDSIDE.

‘An extension of Bed Therapy at ACCA but without the bed, Group Therapy is a safe space in which artists can talk about issues, and support each other in the expression of our fears and difficulties as well as our successes. I hope for us to try to break down some of our more complex feelings and to see what might happen if we come together in a supportive group.’

Katie Lee will host an Art Workshop for Dancers at BLINDSIDE.

IMAGES | Nicholas Chilvers + Hanna Chetwin, Jeremy and Nick on the ground, 2014, video still | Images courtesy of the artist.