26 Jun - 13 Jul 2019

Opening Night | Thursday 27 Jun, 6pm–8pm


CONTENT WARNING | Material within this exhibition may be confronting to some people as it includes animal blood. 


Erin Hallyburton + Stephanie Hosler

Stephanie Hosler and Erin Hallyburton’s work explores the body through active engagement with intuitive material play. Manifesting as site-responsive installation, the artists instigate an exchange between the site the viewer. Centring material transformation, the viewer is prompted to consider the permeability of the body and its receptivity to the changing conditions of the space around it. The emissions of the viewer alter the materiality of their environment, and this exchange is embedded in the work. State changes implicate the body as a receptacle for metamorphosis.

Blood is condensed to its materiality. It anchors the body in space and invites the viewer to question whether one can separate the point where a body ends and space begins.

Invisible currents repel an entity’s capacity to oxidise. Oxidising: a process where the vessel surrenders itself to the same element that enabled it to perform. Matter gains a corporeal sensitivity when it exists in a constant state of flux.

text by daniel ward

i will not answer what it means to bleed

“oxidising: a process where the vessel surrenders itself to the same element that enabled it to perform. matter gains a corporeal sensitivity when it exists in a constant state of flux”

at a distance, for most eyes, red will be the hardest colour to see and red is pain
as green is
or blue

and pink was a gavel and a belt and now it’s a fuck you
now it’s a vested interest
now it’s something to invest in you can make money off pink which is red

pink doesn’t exist
except as distant red informal pain
and slightly harder to see a like-pink wound

can be learning
the sure incision of yes
growing in the thick bile
yes is relief
and so is pink
and pink is inside and sometimes it is outside the body or on top of it
or sewn in
or taken in a pill to invert reality
or injected
or carried by charisma or lack there-of
the body does
as it is done upon
and this is what power may be
a conversation on control
like helium
fills a room and is unnoticed
unless ignited or startled
or if we speak too close
we may hear the rearranging of power
the tightening of aluminium
where solidifying becomes a choice
to surrender to oneself means to listen

which is to engage with power a dress fitting of control
a daily exercise in solidity
and then a memory

when control is burnt
or pressurised
or current
becomes frightening and alluring
looks like time
feels motivating or motor
and that’s all you can see or do
and you do not take your shoes off to enter you drink at the burial
like most do
and close your eyes for a while to think and you watch pink
which is now volcanic
wet molten in the pool
and i hope you are jealous that
some have found an invisible rhythm
like gas
and you or we
have no idea what is coming
and that will often fill a room
and may offer some relief

Erin Hallyburton is a Melbourne based artist and graduate of Monash University. Hallyburton’s expanded form of sculptural practice focusses on the potential of transformable materials to activate the gallery space and the viewer’s body. As the amorphous materials enact the force of gravity over time, the viewer is compelled to consider the fragility and impermanence of the body. Hallyburton has held solo and collaborative exhibitions at Intermission student gallery, Good work art space, MUMA’s education space, the VCA student Gallery and the Patterson Building. Hallyburton was also a recipient of a residency at the Museum of Innocence Mildura in 2017

Stephanie Hosler is a Melbourne-based artist who’s work focuses on navigating and existing in oppressive and inflexible binary spaces. Hosler employs materials underpinned by their ability to change form, evolve or decay to establish a dialogue about fluidity and transformation. A recent graduate from Monash University, they have shown at Intermission Gallery within the university and at Visual Bulk in Hobart, Tasmania. Most recently, Hosler participated in the 2018 TarraWarra Biennale ‘From Will to Form’, as part of Mike Parr’s performance piece ‘Whistle White’.

IMAGES | Erin Hallyburton, The Fall, 2018, Butter, cloth and stuffing. Intermission Gallery | Stephanie Hosler, Everything is New, 2018, soap, hair and porcelain sink. Intermission Gallery | Courtesy the artists.