27 Mar - 13 Apr 2019

Opening Night | Thursday 28 Mar, 6pm–8pm




Haydn Allen

These works embody a juvenile naiveté. The artist embodies a younger character (perhaps a younger self) who plays with and assembles the artworks. Objects are tested; manipulated, trialed, and decontextualised before becoming fixed to see how they can perform for artist and audience. Even then, these sculptures are in a constant state of flux.

My studio practice often accidentally manifests these Friends (sometimes Acquaintances). I use items belonging to territories of suburbia, play, and exercise. I use these objects - exercise equipment, bright plastics, toys, etc., to explore the dark intersections of sexuality, childhood, and spirituality in our twenty-first century suburbia.

I am a young queer artist, and these works are political. I believe our culture has an intense shame and anxiety about the waste we produce, and so these discarded objects guide me in my research; What, when we must greet it, will our waste say of the people who disposed of it?

Haydn Allen is a young queer artist living and working in Melbourne. His interdisciplinary studio practice culminates in performances, installations and videos. Through use of the body and both personal and societal detritus his work reflects corporeal potentials of play, sexuality, and a twenty-first century spirituality. Recent solo exhibitions include Alien Party in the Swamp at George Paton Gallery and To Slash at Alternating Current Art Space.

IMAGES | Haydn Allen, When you have Friends think you have Treasures 1, 2018, found and gifted objects and single-channel video, dimensions variable | Haydn Allen, Pink Flamingo Tuesdays, 2018, mixed-media installation, dimensions variable | Courtesy the artist.