13 - 30 Nov 2019

Opening Night | Thursday 14 Nov, 6pm–8pm




Lizzy Simpson

A study of the simultaneously distanced and interconnected relationship humans have with everything else.

Expressed through quotidian materials largely sourced from the artist's garden or accumulated while walking, a chaotic and sensory jumble is set within frames, grid forms devised to separate, elevate and control.

The viewer is invited into this ‘curiosity shop’ and while browsing, to find familiar or curious things that promote pleasure or surprise. Text pieces and games tell stories of interconnection. The gifts of food and conversation bring these stories forth. Thus engaged, the viewer becomes an integrated part of the work, activating it, then flipping the position of subject and object to level the ‘natural order’.

Peripheries are kept deliberately vague. Placing things outside the main exhibition area, ‘outside’ and ‘inside’ become confused carrying the latent possibilities of things out into the everyday world.

IMAGES | Lizzy Simpson | Courtesy the artist.