20 - 30 July 2016 | GESTURE MANIFEST | SOUND SERIES 2016

Carolyn Eskdale | Bridie Lunney with performance by Shelley Lasica | Clare Milledge with sound by Tom Smith

If our repertoire of bodily gestures is a language, then our discrete movements and poses are words and sentences. This exhibition articulates the relationships between these words-movements and their surroundings—how a grammar becomes physical. Giving voice to the inaudible. Marking, staining, rubbing against and pressing onto the world. Generating little records of a presence. Through Gesture Manifest, objects are imbued with new velocity: seconds and minutes of touch help us perceive months and years; material that was static is now slow-motion. This exhibition offers situations as ‘gestural events’. What was fixed is in-motion. What was silent is speaking.Liquid Architecture project for BLINDSIDE Sound Series, curated by Anabelle Lacroix and Andrew Tetzlaff,
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Fair Game (Run Like a Girl) | 2016

Grand Theft Auto is populated by stereotyped female bots, who – despite some initial attitude - screech and ‘run like a girl’ when bumped or touched by their male counterparts. These animations are designed by the game makers to be fleeting and momentary, a direct response to a single action of the player. What happens if the player refuses to take no for an answer and pushes this intended moment to its maximum - is there an end point? In Fair Game the player becomes the hunter, the bots the hunted as the artist stalks the women to their deaths in a live endurance performance. Curated by Claire Watson.

BLINDSIDE turns 10!

To the left and back some | Ten years of BLINDSIDE

BLINDSIDE's To the left and back some is available for purchase. Designed by Gracia Haby + Louise Jennison and edited by Verity Hayward + Raymonda Rajkowski, this 91 page full-colour publication charts BLINDSIDE’s history and role within the Melbourne and wider ARI community.
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