9 - 26 April | Dominic Kavanagh | The Bee Hive

The Beehive is an installation inspired by and sourced from urban ruins. It metaphorically relates the lifeless urban scrapheap to the contrastingly buzzing, complex and teeming circumstance of a archetypal beehive.
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9 - 26 April | Natasha Madden & Zac St Clair | Reclining towards a comfortable idleology

Natasha Madden and Zac St. Clair create a utopian model for comfortable living, with a mutual inertia and optimistic apathy. By using materials that are both visually and physically comforting, utilitarian objects are created and given a rest from the obligation of their designed purpose, as a physical representation of the romantic and melancholic desire for paradise that they both share.
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PLAY |Jessie Scott | The Coburg Plan

Suburbia may seem static from the outside, regressive even. In reality it is in perpetual motion – shooting tendrils ever further into the grasslands and paddocks surrounding Melbourne, as well as constantly regenerating itself from the inside out. As Moreland City Council continues its limping march to the staccato beat of urban renewal, “The Coburg Plan” quietly catalogues some of the suburb’s past lives.
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