20 - 24 January | SUMMER STUDIO 2015 | The Sun's Been Up For Hours | Tim Woodward

Summer Studio artist, Tim Woodward presents The Sun’s Been Up For Hours, a treatment of the institutional and self-imposed conditions of labour and lethargy, discovered in a ‘Summer Studio’. Working broadly across mediums, forms and ideas, Woodward typically engages with processes of editing, free association and re-imagining.
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20 - 24 January | SUMMER STUDIO 2015 | To Set, Dry | Marcin Wojcik

Summer Studio artist, Marcin Wojcik's multi-disciplinary practice combines sculpture, performance and installation and is underpinned by a continued exploration of the performance of identity. For his exhibition, Wojcik employs theatrical devices such as props, sets, scenes and backdrops to draw viewers into the world of his assumed 'persona'.
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Genevieve Piko, Does She Know, 2014 (1.50 minutes) | C​ourtesy of the artist.
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BLINDSIDE turns 10!

To the left and back some | Ten years of BLINDSIDE

BLINDSIDE's To the left and back some is available for purchase. Designed by Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison and edited by Verity Hayward & Raymonda Rajkowski, this 91pp full-colour publication encapsulates BLINDSIDE’s history and role within the Melbourne and wider ARI community.
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