31 July - 2 August | PERCH | Sound Series Catherine Clover in collaboration with Alice Hui-Cheng and Vanessa Tomlinson

curated by Andrew Tetzlaff Sound Series: Perch investigates the connection between site-specific sound, installation and collaborative performance. Catherine Clover will create an immersive series of works, informed by her ongoing research into bird calls and inspired by BLINDSIDE’s avian perch over Melbourne’s city centre. Ornithological sound will be considered for its raw properties, a series of squawks and chirps, as well as for its function; it will be used as an experimental platform from which to regard concepts of linguistics, behaviour, communication and collaboration. Like a sound art nature documentary, experimental musicians and performers will be invited into Clover’s roost to respond to her works—her installation serving as both an artwork in its own right and interactive score waiting to be activated. The exhibition will thus be as much about the sonic experience as it is about site itself and the building of social and artistic relationships through sound. Collaborators include percussionist Vanessa Tomlinson and experimental vocal artist Alice Hui-Sheng Chang. Opening with occasional performances – Thu 31 July 6-8pm Performances – Fri 1 Aug 6.30pm, Sat 2 Aug 7.19am (sunrise), Sat 2 Aug 5.33pm (sunset) Performances will be approximately 20 to 40 minutes in length and may be limited. Audience reservations are suggested. Please email with your name and requested performance time. Reservations will only be held until 5 minutes before the performance begins.
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PLAY | Tania Smith

Untitled (Refrain), 2013, 1min, 10s (silent)
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