15 February – 4 March 2017 | HELIOTROPE | Leslie Eastman

Heliotrope explores metaphors of light and our relationship to a larger context. The material of light is explored in two ways in this exhibition. Firstly, through the use of the camera obscura, the naturally occurring optical marvel used repeatedly by Leslie Eastman to reflect on how the world sees itself and to relate spaces near and far. Heliotrope also shows video footage of dawn and dusk filmed at Europe’s first commercial Solar power station in Andalucía, Spain. The two encounters contrast presence and duration in our encounter with light.

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Idolatry Ratio looks at our relationship with the lexicon of consumerism – promoting products and painfully familiar brand narratives through a simulated space. We exist with an inflated eagerness to engage in ideals, life practices, and the pursuit of value through the instruction of commercialism. Meaning and desire is processed, augmented and repeated. Scenes display fragmented brand icons, blurred with fictitious product predictions. These scenes may be our current distorted view of excess information and compounded aesthetics, or a future study of artefacts detached from creator and original intent.

Curator | Verity Hayward


PLAY| QUEERTECH.IO | Alison Bennet & AJ Kearns (AUS), Mo Cohen (USA), Pila Darling & Michele Vescio (AUS), Travis de Jonk (AUS), Xanthe Dobbie (AUS), Siyu Mao (DEU/CHN), Luke Miller (AUS), Mark Payne (AUS), El Pelele (ARG), Miriam Poletti (ITA), Mark Ramos (USA), Richard Sawdon Smith & Jonathan Armour (UK), Soda_Jerk (AUS), Beau Torres (USA), Pati Solomona Tyrell (NZ), Alan Warburton (UK), Michael Wilde (USA)

A collection of digital artworks by local, national and international LGBTQI+ identifying artists curated by (Alison Bennet, Travis Cox, Xanthe Dobbie & Mark Payne).
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