10 - 27 September | KYLE JENKINS| Smash Your Head On The Punk Rock

Smash Your Head On The Punk Rock involves the deconstruction and reconstruction of various relationships between conceptualised and physical interpretations of space. Starting from the idea that folk music is the foundation of Punk Rock, these seemingly disparate entities born from the same conceptual intention, are deciphered and presented through various layered imagery positioned within abstraction.

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10 - 27 September | JOHN BROOKS  SPOHIE GEARON  BILL NOONAN| Kraftwerk: Man Machine

At a time of such diversity of artistic practice, Kraftwerk: Man Machine brings together three Melbourne-based artists who utilise traditional craft disciplines both conventionally and unconventionally. Rejecting the perceived disconnection between thinking and making set in motion during the industrial revolution when a machine could replace the artisan, these artists think through making, exploring the role on craftsmanship within their collective practices.
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Inez de Vega Dying Not to Be, 2013 (8:20 minutes). C​ourtesy of the artist.
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BLINDSIDE turns 10!

SUPPORT our celebratory publication for our 10th anniversary!

We need your support to publish our ten year anniversary publication, celebrating our history and role within the Melbourne and wider ARI community.  There are still many ways you can show your support for our ten year celebratory publication, including our Donation Box at BLINDSIDE, and our upcoming Raffle and Movie Fundraiser, and more!
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