11 – 28 Nov 2015 | THE DOOR IN THE WALL | Curated by Verity Hayward + Lucie McIntosh

Michael Armstrong | Eleanor Louise Butt | Madé Spencer Castle | Maya Chakraborty | Jessica Curry | Lauren Dunn | Leslie Eastman | Adriane Hayward | Amanda Hensby | Charles O’Loughlin | Nikos Pantazopoulos | Kenny Pittock | Kiron Robinson | Caleb Shea | Kenneth Suico | Andrew Tetzlaff | David Thomas | Gabriel Tongue | Si Ma Va | Peter Westwood
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11 – 28 Nov 2015 | CREDIBLE SPORT | Ted McKinlay

A visual thinker, Ted McKinlay mixes multiple images from everywhere into a space that works pictorially, and yet, does not. His medium is half-painting and friction-based drawing.
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Julie Rrap has been a major figure in Australian contemporary art for over three decades. Since the mid-1970s, she has worked with photography, painting, sculpture, performance and video in an ongoing project concerned with representations of the body, with a particular emphasis on the female body within western art history. It is a theme she has approached from many directions, using her own body as subject. Rrap's work has been featured in numerous solo exhibitions in Australia and overseas, and in major international exhibitions. Her works are held in every major public collection in Australia as well as many corporate and private collections in Australia and overseas.


2 – 19 Dec 2015 | CURTAIN CALL : FLESH EXPRESS | Melissa Matveyeff + Diego Ramirez

Through their provocative performance based practices Melissa Matveyeff and Diego Ramirez flagrantly use their bodies as expressive instruments of self-exploration, set to challenge ideas around sexuality and self-identity. Curated by Daen Kelly + Bianca Tainsh, Flesh Express juxtaposes their latest practice against earlier works to enliven the gallery with uncanny and kitsch installation and live performance.
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BLINDSIDE turns 10!

To the left and back some | Ten years of BLINDSIDE

BLINDSIDE's To the left and back some is available for purchase. Designed by Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison and edited by Verity Hayward & Raymonda Rajkowski, this 91pp full-colour publication encapsulates BLINDSIDE’s history and role within the Melbourne and wider ARI community.
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