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14 Sep – 1 Oct 2016 | OFF GRID

Nicole Breedon | John Brooks | Eddy Carroll | Elisa Jane Carmichael | Emma Collard + Cherie Peele | Troy Emery | Melanie Irwin | Dell Stewart 

OFF GRID brings together works that push beyond the cloth grid – the warp and weft that defines the form of most textiles. OFF GRID examines the fracturing of this grid conceptually as well as challenging notions of materiality and the making process. Curators Josephine Briginshaw + Adriane Hayward
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Produced by Ivaylo Getov, Lauren Hoekstra + Doug Turner | Performers: Christina Bobrowsky, Beck DeRobertis, Lauren Hoekstra, Sean Keta, Dasha Kittredge, Joshua Koopman, Taylor Laughlin, Moana Sherrill, Amelia Steely, Jeremy Ungar, Nick Zeig-Owens 

In #now, a choir of people gather in one physical location using Social Sound as their virtual songbook. Created by Luxloop, Social Sound is a tool for live performance, aggregating the flow of real time social activity into a rush of sound. Tweets containing the key search term are channelled to performers, who narrate the thoughts out loud, providing a unique portrait of the social sphere at a given moment in time. Presented for BLINDSIDE Festival: On The Verge.



Rushdi Anwar | Nicholas Chilvers + Hanna Chetwin | Matthew Harris | Out-Of-Sync | Nova Paul | Pip Ryan | Tromarama | Kawita Vatanajyankur

PLAY2 is an offsite extension of BLINDSIDE PLAY, a video space which is dedicated to showing contemporary experimental single-channel works from local and international artists. PLAY2, is presented in partnership with Federation Square and screened at the Big Screen as part of Fed TV.
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